Pathways for Adults – Through ICT and Social Media


Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme Of the European Union



To promote the entrepreneurial spirit of adult learners using social media and ICT to create new e-enterprises ensuring increased opportunities for being incorporated in the labour market in an effective way.

To train

adult teachers and trainers in the effective use of ICT and Social Media to find job opportunities and develop entrepreneurial spirit in adult learners

To promote

inclusion of adults payng particular attention to adult vulnerable groups with low skills and qualifications promoting equality between women and men, combating discrimination, promoting tolerance and a high-level of quality and sustainable employment and combating long-term unemployment

To enhance

the adult learners’ upskilling, promoting the acquisition of their key and transversal competences, adapted to the digital era and the job market requirements


Alphabet Formation

The organization was established with the purpose of developing activities to boost human capital development. In this sense, ABF started to work focusing on different target groups, mainly youngsters, teachers, municipalities and citizens.

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AEP – Portugal

AEP – Associação Empresial de Penafiel – a Business Association, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1892 and holds the status of Public Utility Institution (March 3, 1993) and the Gold Medal of the Municipality of Penafiel (1993).

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OTTIMA plus – Poland

OTIMA plus Sp. z o.o. for several years indicates business trends in the economic and technical issues. We have gained the trust of our clients at the end of many years of consulting and expert activities to solidify the brand Ottima plus as an effective and reliable business partner.

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ALPE – Spain

ALPE – Associació Empresarial L’alqueria Projectes Educatius is an association of secondary education school teachers, vocational education teachers and trainers in different disciplines that focuses its activities on the field of education, training and cultural promotion in the European environment.

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ZIOSEM – Italy

ZIOSEM is a digital company located in Turin (Italy) that offers solutions and
strategies for the promotion of your brand and your business on all online channels.

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Create the digital identity
of an E-enterprise

Monitor an E-enterprise

E-Customer analysis

Creation of content
for E-enterprise


International training with students
Workshops with teachers

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